SARM - The Romanian Society
For Meteors And Astronomy

L et's know the main organiser of Total Solar Eclipse on August 1999 in Romania. Founded in 1992, SARM is a national young non-profit society with about 100 members in eight national branches. The main aims of SARM's activity is promoting the public outreach in astronomy and international cooperation in about 40 countries. SARM publish the bimonthly astronomical journal "Us and the Sky" and set up many national projects.

T he main project of SARM is the astronomical camp "Perseide", set up in August, where about 100 participants take part each year: pupils, students, amateurs, teachers and researchers. Perseide is more than a young camp, is a "Frame of the Sky", as Valentin Grigore, the national president, described it.

Here are some of the activities set up each year at Perseide: observational camp, colloquim of astronomy, public outreach, astronomical contest for students, photographical exposition and astro-poetry festival, various trips and expeditions to exciting places. In August 1999 Perseide will gather together hundreds of tourists and amateur astronomers all over the world, assisting the observations and the eclipse, guiding tours to wonderfull places, enjoying together the splendours of the Sky and Nature.

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