The project PERSEIDS organized by SARM (The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy) will hold its XI-th edition in 2003! It represents an unique opportunity for the amateur astronomers and beginners to get together to talk about stars, right under the sky! As usually, Perseids will be organized by SARM and will include two parts:

  • The first module, to be hold at Corbasca-Bacau, 15 - 26 July 2003;
  • The second module, an observational network to observe the Perseids from a few sites in the country side, 26 July - 14 August 2003;

    The following links announce the projects to be held at Perseids 2003 (in Romanian), including the registration form:

  • | Invitation (Circulara 1) | The Registration Form |
    | Circulara 2 | Circulara 3 |
    | Camp Pictures |