The Fourth Announcement
Welcome to EuRo Eclipse 99 !

Romantic Travel - Romanian Tours Operator
SARM - Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy
TSE 99 - Total Solar Eclipse 99, Canada
Contact: Ovidiu Vaduvescu ovidiuv@yahoo.com

We obtained a new deadline for our seven tours published
with the third announcement. You may wish to see them and book your place.

Let's know each other!
Special guests at EuRo Eclipse 99
Let's know SARM, our main astronomical host
The astropoetical current founded by SARM
Some people are interested in eclipse predictions
Observational projects at EuRo Eclipse 99
Total Solar Eclipse with Meteors
EuRo Eclipse - Perseids 99

More about Romania?
Good news about tourist visas
Looking for an Internet eclipse broadcaster

Let's Know Each Other!

We all know ten days in August won't be sufficient to know each other, share common passion, experience and knowledge. This is the reason EuRo Eclipse 99 set up some facilities for our guests in order to contact BEFORE the eclipse, share their common interests and inquiry the organisers with new projects. In this sense, we provide the following on-line facilities:

Contact your colleagues!
EuRo Eclipse 99 e-mail subscription program
EuRo Eclipse 99 meeting chat program
Six chat meetings were held since Feb 99

Total Solar Eclipse with Meteors

An international astronomical meeting will be held on 7-8 August in Targoviste. The meeting will include: group presentations, change of experience, posters, lectures on Safe Solar Observing by Dr. Ralph Chou, exposition of photos, publications and instruments (opened between 7-14 August), a possible youth astronomical contest. The astronomical companies, magazines and individuals are invited to attend the meeting or send advertising.

Good news about tourist visas!

In order to attend one of EuRo Eclipse 99 tours, you do NOT require a tourist visa in August 1999 to enter Romania. You need only to bring along your valid tourist passport. For people interested in more inquires about visas or entrance to Romania, please contact this official link to the Romanian missions abroad.

More about Romania?

Romanian is a latin language similar with Italian, French, Spanish or Portughese.
Although Romanians speak English, French, Italian or German,
you might want to learn some words in Romanian:

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| The Romanian Anthem | Romanian Mass-Media | Romanian Travel Guide |

Observational Projects at EuRo Eclipse 99

  • Contact Timings - RASC, Toronto Centre;
  • Direct Photography in White Light of the Corona and Chromosphere - RASC, Toronto Centre;
  • Variations in Total Sky Brightness During the Eclipse - RASC, Toronto Centre;
  • Expedition to Photograph and Analyze Spectra of Total Solar Eclipse in Romania: August 11, 1999 - Warren-Wilson College, USA;
  • Variations of the Temperature and Sunligfht Intensity During the Eclipse - Hong Kong Astronomical Society;
  • Photography and Timing of the Eclipse - Hong Kong Astronomical Society;
  • Observing the Perseids through SARM's National Network - SARM, Romania;
  • EuRo Eclipse 99 is part of ESO/EAAE project Astronomy Online - Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999;
  • Broadcasting the Eclipse on the Internet (possible) - the author has to be determined;
  • If you have an observational project or poster to be included in the program, please let us know.

  • Looking for an Internet Eclipse Broadcaster

    We'd like to offer live transmissions of the eclipse on the Internet.
    In this sense, we are looking for an experienced broadcaster
    interested in free participation in this project at EuRo Eclipse 99.

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