Special Guests at EuRo Eclipse 99

Since our first announcement in February 1998 we have been contacted by many amateurs, teachers or professional astronomers, groups or individuals. In August 1998, SARM and Perseids 98 received six internationals, interested also in attending the eclipse in Romania together with their groups. Here are our special guests at EuRo Eclipse - Perseids 99:

  • Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Toronto Centre)
    Team leader: Prof. Dr. Ralph Chou. Ralph is a famous eclipse chaser, expert in optics and eye safety. He observed 14 solar eclipses. At EuRo Eclipse 99 Ralph will lead a group of RASC members. On 8th August at the International Meeting in Targoviste he will present the invited lecture Safe Solar Observing.

  • Roger Tuthill (Roger W. Tuthill, Inc. - "A trusted name in telescopes"...)
    Roger is the well known provider of astronomical accessories. In his 30 years of experience he chased 18 solar eclipses. Last year Roger visited Romania and was impressed by the beauty of the country side. He will attend EuRo Eclipse 99 and on 8th August will give the invited lecture Chasing Eclipses and Other Funny Stories.

  • Warren-Wilson College (North Carolina, US)
    Team leaders: Prof. Dr. Donald and Victoria Collins. Don and Vicki attended Perseids 98 and they liked it. In August 1999, together with some students, they plan to develop an exciting observational project that will record the flash spectrum of the solar chromosphere using a video camera and holographic diffraction grating.

  • Dutch Youth Association for Astronomy
    Team leader: MSC student Marcel Vonk. Marcel and Sikke attended also Perseids 98. Next August they will lead a group of Dutch children and students that will accommodate together with SARM at the camp near Dealu Monastery, Targoviste.

  • Hong Kong Astronomical Society
    Team leader: PhD Student Albert Kong. Albert is the leader of a group of members from Astronomy Society of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Astronomy Club of Hong Kong University, and Hong Kong Astronomical Society. Albert is a PhD student in Astronomy at Oxford University in UK.

  • Goteborg Astronomical Club (London Branch)
    Team leader: Damien Simon, UK/France. Damien is an old friend of SARM who attended both Perseids 97 and Perseids 98. He speaks fluently French, English and German, but he learned also some Romanian (that's very fun)...

  • Dr. Mirel Birlan (Meudon Observatory, France)
    Actually Mirel is my friend and former colleague at Astronomical Institute in Bucharest. Now he won a post-doctoral contract with Meudon Observatory. We both were with SARM since 1993 and looking forward to play soccer again at the camp near Targoviste...

  • Other Special Guests at EuRo Eclipse 99:
    Mr. Robert Slobins (Texas, US, observing his 11-th eclipse), Dr. David Kennedy (Cardiff University, UK), Prof. Bill Neely (Western University of New Mexico, US), Prof. Daniell Mattern (Mississippi University, US), Dr. Mark Miller (vice-president of the Astronomical Society Kalamazoo in US), Dr. Alfred William Neely (NF/Observatory, US), Dr. Alan Yorker (Emory University, US), others.

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