Observing Run, San Pedro Martir, Mexico

This was my first trip to Baja California, Mexico.
Actually was my first observing run to the National Astronomical Observatory
San Pedro Martir, part of my Canadian PhD at York University.

Ensenada and the big Mexican flag
Instituto de Astronomia in Ensenada
Transpeninsulara (1500 Km from Tijuana to La Paz)!
An oltean by the Pacific Ocean!
To the harbor of Ensenada
Green palms in February!

View from Transpeninsulara
On the 100Km dirt road to the observatory
Good morning from SPM Observatory!
Panorama from the dormitories
Welcome to the National Park San Pedro Martir!
On the snowed way to Sierra
White peaks above the dry mountain
To the clear sky!

Two of the domes seen from the headquarters
The 2m dome seen from the road below
Zona de telescopios!
The 0.85m, the first dome at SPM
I have observed on the 2m !
The big dome and the tiny Moon above
You must know to drive standard here!

Dark sky over San Pedro Martir...
Clear sky over the big dome!
Right by the biggest Mexican telescope
The 2.1m Richey-Chretien refractor
Detail with the instruments on the 2.1m

Sunset over San Pedro Martir
Breathtaking peaks from the dome terrace
Eastern panorama from the 2850m alt
Picacho del Diablo (3095m alt)

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