Observing Run, Mexico 2003

This was my second trip to Baja California, Mexico.
Also my third observing run of my Canadian PhD and the second one
with the "Observatorio Astronomico Nacional San Pedro Martir" (OAN-SPM).

All pictures were taken with a Nikon F60 using Kodak Gold Film and
paper and scanned at 150 dpi with a PlusTek OptikPro. For best viewing
it is recommended to set the brightness and contrast at the same level
and the colors also equally balanced. Enjoy!

The National Park "San Pedro Martir"

Cabana Roja, the first on the mountain

The old "mushrooms" dormitories and the new building

Dr. Michael Richer, the 2.1m dome and its sunset shadow

The 1.5, 0.85 and 2.1m domes at OAN-SPM

The 2.1m dome and the photographer

The observing room and the 2.1m telescope

Ensenada, a city-port at the Pacific Ocean

Sealions and birds in the port. La Bufadora, a natural wonder!


Sea trip to Todos Sandos Island, whale and sealions watching

The Pacific Highway

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